Week 4 – eJPT Review

Hi Everyone!

Oh its been a gooooood week! As some of you may know, I passed my eJPT exam. As a personal achievement, I believe this is one of my greatest accomplishment so far. All the hard work over the last 2 years gaining certifications in IT/Security is finally starting to show now.  Today’s blog will be as usual where I will tell you all what I have done over the last week, but this week’s blog will also have a review section dedicated to the eJPT exam.

What have I done in the last week?

Right, lets get in to it! I studied about 6 hours this week before taking the exam. If you read my previous blog you will know that the plan was to go over all the labs again using just my own notes. I managed to get through them all by Wednesday and to be honest I didn’t struggle, my notes were strong enough for me to look back on. In the back of my mind I knew that the exam is an open book exam so I can have a quick read through to help me through if required. Going through the labs again really gave me the confidence and believe that I am ready to take the exam. Besides I got 3 attempts at it right? What is the harm in taking a trial run? (3 attempts because I purchased the elite version) 

eJPT Exam Review

Thank you all for liking my status on LinkedIn, I have had a lot of people message me and ask me for a review. I have never done a review before and I definitely don’t want to give anything away! So here we go. I will not be doing a review for the whole course because I have covered a fair bit in my previous blogs about the study material.

First of all, before I even enrolled on to the course, I googled and read other people’s reviews on this exam. What I found really weird was that people would describe this exam as enjoyable.. I used to think “how can an exam be enjoyable?” All the stress, anxiety and fear! Urgh I hate exams.. then I did the exam and honestly I can assure you that this exam is FUN! This is my first practical exam and I really did not know what to expect. Let me take you through the process!

The Process

Once you are ready for the exam (you know when you will be ready for the exam, don’t overthink it) all you have to do is find the tab for exam and start! There is no booking, no picking time and date, you can start the exam whenever you want! (this definitely takes a bit of stress and anxiety out of the exam process) It is advisable that you pick a suitable time though.. I started in the morning, after breakfast, all fresh and ready to go. That’s personal choice though, maybe some people work better in the evening/night.. I don’t know!

Once the exam starts its exactly like the HeraLabs you have been using to practise your awesome skills apart from another link with exam questions and a downloadable zip folder which has your letter of engagement and some files for you to use during your exam. Advice – Read the letter of engagement very carefully. 

You have 3 days to complete the exam from the moment you begin, I think that is more than enough time to be honest. I did it in 8 hours and that included checking over my work several times.

The Exam

You get given 20 questions, out of the 20 questions you need 15 right to pass the exam. All the questions are based on the learning material, labs and tools you have been studying throughout the course. There is nothing that you will need external research for. If your notes are strong or if you are good at remembering where to find certain piece of information in the study material you will be fine. The exam will test you on most of the tools though so make sure you are comfortable with all the practise labs. There aren’t any handouts, you do need to use your initiative to figure out what tool to use for what question.

I found the questions a bit of a mixed bag.. I found certain questions so easy that I would doubt myself that would the answer be so easy to find? Then there were also questions that made me sweat a bit! I did struggle with understanding some of the questions, the way they were written didn’t always make sense. I wasn’t quite sure what it was asking me for.. maybe that is something eLS can work on in the future. Make the questions easier to understand so that the student can spend more time on figuring out the answer instead of ponder on what he/she is asked to do.


Once the exam is completed and you press the submit button, you do get your result straight away. You can break out in a celebration dance because I know you will pass! Lets face it, if you are doing the course there is no doubt you are enjoying it. The learning material is easy to understand and if it doesn’t make sense you got the videos for visual explanation. If it still doesn’t make sense you got an awesome community to help you out in the eLS forums. So its all there for you, I can assure you that the exam is not out of this world and if you have properly prepped for it you will come out with flying colours. For a beginner who has never had practical experience like myself, this is the place to be! After the exam, I got such a confidence boost that I joined Hack The Box! I even rooted a machine! (OpenAdmin, for anyone who is wondering which machine I rooted lol). The bottom line is, it is an enjoyable exam. You should consider it definitely if you are looking to make a career in pentesting!

Exam Tips

  • Trust yourself, whatever you have learned throughout the course is enough for you to pass.
  • Follow the correct methodology – Read the letter of engagement, understand what is being asked, gather information, Scan, enumarate etc
  • Enumeration is key – it always will be!
  • Be comfortable with various tools
  • Dont upgrade your OS before the exam, you need to know your working environment well
  • Pay attention to what the question is asking for
  • Take breaks, it will help you take a step back and see the bigger picture and obviously refresh your thinking
  • Dont stress! calm mind is a strong mind
  • You can use any tool you want!

Upcoming Week

I had a mini break after the exam and I thought I will treat myself to a relaxing weekend.. unfortunately I got hooked to Hack The Box and spent most of the weekend trying to root machines!

Monday I will carry on with my journey to eCPPT, I am going to start off from where I left before I decided to do PTS instead of PTP. I definitely believe I will be more comfortable with the PTP study material now as I have more practical experience and a new shiny certificate to prove it. So thats it for this week! I hope you all enjoyed my post, like I always say any feedback regarding my blog is much appreciated. If you have any questions or would like some details on a certain topic/tool, I am more than willing to help. Leave a comment or send me a message on LinkedIn!

I hope you all have a good week. If you are planning on taking this or any other exam, good luck and keep moving forward!



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8 thoughts on “Week 4 – eJPT Review”

  1. Well done Rehan.
    We chatted on Reddit briefly and I took your advise on PTS. The course delivery is great quality and the videos are one of the best I’ve seen. I’m glad you convinced me to this, in about 2months I may just do the exam. Wish me luck!
    And I like your Blog!

    1. Hey! Sorry for the late reply, I have had a very busy week.
      I’m so glad you are enjoying the course and yes definitely the course content is awesome, but I love the hera labs!
      All the best with the exam prep and thank you for reading my blog ?

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