The journey begins!

Hi everyone!

Let’s start this off today! I have enrolled myself to the course this morning and the course material was provided straight away.

First thing I did was go over the syllabus and plan how I can go about this. I will post in my weekly blog regarding how many hours I studied during the week to give you all an idea. Just generally speaking, I’m hoping to go over each topic in one week.

I purchased the elite version that means I get 120 hours of lab time and unlimited time on my exam voucher. There are also additional topics covering Ruby for pentester + metasploit and Powershell for pentester in the elite version, which I think will beneficial as the aim of the game is to have skills that will set you apart from the others.

Note Keeping

I know making notes and staying on top of all this will require organisation. I have never really been the best at this but because I am blogging this time I will make extra effort. In pentesting note keeping and organisation skills are a must! To help me I will be using the software called KeepNote ( – this is a software used by other pentesters too and recommended by them. So keepNote will hopefully help me keep my notes organised with screenshots and key pieces of information I will need throughout the course and in the future as well.

But yeah this post is really just to let you all know that the journey begins today! I hope it all goes well and I hope I learn a lot on this journey – fingers crossed!

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6 thoughts on “The journey begins!”

  1. Great Rehan! I also started this journey this month after completing eJPT certification. I’m already a bit frustrated with the buffer overflow but we have to take it like a challenge:-)

    1. Hi Luca,
      Thank you for commenting on my post.
      I know right, BOF on the first section!
      Embrace the challenge and you will do great, Good Luck!

  2. Nice blog Rehan πŸ™‚ looking forward in your success, I already finished eJPT .. and still waiting for the right timing to take the eCPPT as well.

  3. hello!

    I’ve started the eCPPT journey this week, it’ll be funny to follow the blog from week to week. πŸ™‚
    Have fun! πŸ™‚

    Best regards

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